Sunday, October 02, 2005



Hubby is grumpy today because he has 8 hrs of work to do for a client before tomorrow and he hasn't started yet, and it is already lunch time on Sunday.
He wants me to take the kids out for at least 4 hrs even though I want to stay home and catch up on things I need to catch up on.
The problem is that the kids want to spend time with him because they haven't really seen him since early thursday evening. Friday he was out all day till 10pm, Saturday he was out till 1am Sunday (LAN) and this morn we had church (kids in Sunday School). Now he will work for the rest of the day/night and tomorrow he is off to a client and tomorrow night we have homegroup dinner (earlier start then normal). Tuesday and from then on will be just as busy.
This is my rant for the day!

Update - He finished quicker then expected and was anle to play with the kids while i made dinner and then he put the elder 3 to bed for me. Thanks!

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