Monday, October 03, 2005


It's Definately Monday

  • Erin is crying, pretty much non-stop because her sisters won't let her do what she wants to do or she is just having a 'Monday' and things are too hard for her.
  • We have home group tonight so I have a heap of housework to do, plus the usual school work and normal housework.

Well time to get up off this thing, get the first load of laundry started while i wait for the bed side tables to arrive, start the girls schoolwork, maybe danish pastry, prepare other desserts and try to keep the kids from killing each other (or at least annoying each other to tears). Oh, and there is that pesky thing about feeding the kids and having to make the youngest have a nap at some tage throughout hte day also.
Did I forget to mention that hubby is at a clients today, due to be home mid afternoon (with a couple of hours to spare before homegroup dinner)
Hey, great news. Erin has stopped crying and is talking nicely.
Well, onto the laundry I go!

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