Thursday, October 13, 2005


Jadeen & Stuff

Has the attention span of a goldfish when it comes to schoolwork. She always seems to get distracted by anything going on around her. I am sure things will improve the longer she does it. Thursday is always a pretty distracted kind of day.


73 days till Christmas, just over 10 weeks.
I know people who have almost finished paying off their Christmas lay-by already!!! I have only just started thinking of it personally, but that is because I have had birthdays to deal with up until now (2 more to go, that I buy for anyhow). Then I will have Christmas and the day after will be Jade's 7th birthday (we never have the party on her birthday, but 3 months afterwards when people are settled back into school and are able to come.


Thanks to all who leave comments here. Sorry I don't get back to you but for some reason my comments won't even allow me to see the email addresses to reply (plus I am a little slack on that side of things). Thanks anyhow!!!

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