Thursday, October 13, 2005


Rain & Basketball

It's raining. The gardens are flooded. That means my seedlings are flooded. I hope they survive!

Today I succumbed to a moment of weakness, I signed Jadeen up for a year of Junior Jammers Basketball. It isn't the competative stuff but more on the ball skills. The sign up fee did include a basketball (the right size for her), drink bottle, back pack (pretty decent one), mouse mat and measuring chart. It was a pretty good deal. Now I shall spend the next year (apart from school holidays) on Thursday afternoons, hanging around the indoor basketball courts. Oh, Miranda is also trying out for the under 10's basketball group (our friend coaches that and her son, same age as Miranda, is in it) which will mean - training on Monday night (5-6pm), game Thursday night (6.20-7pm). There is an hour break between Jade's class and Miranda's class.

At least that means I can get the car three days a week now!

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