Saturday, October 01, 2005


Survivor & Better be Quick

We played 'Survivor' this morning. I was 'Jeff Probst' with piggy tails. We did a timed race around an imaginary course, across sloping feilds, through caves and underground streams, with the last bit being run across the plains towards the hut.
Then we proceeded to paint our faces with bath crayons, tie on our 'Survivor' scarfs and do spear (read bamboo garden stakes) throwing. Once again their were no losers.
I refused to have 'tribal council' as I knew who would be voted out and what would happen.
The girls had fun and now they are taking a break and watching tweety on the TV while I tidy up, prepare myself to become a mouse on a wheel and hopefully attack some half finished sewing jobs, all before a bed arrives and the baby awakens.

Better Be Quick
You can tell that it is heating up here. When you turn on the cold tap, the first bit of water that comes out is nice and cold, but only a few seconds later, the water starts coming out warm and will run that way for at least 30 seconds until cooler water comes through again. In summer I expect to not to have to use the hot water system much if at all for hot water as we will just be able to use the cold tap for both our cool water (not cold but cool) and hot water needs.
This is why we collect drink bottles and our fridge (sometimes) looks like a drinks fridge for a water company.

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