Wednesday, October 19, 2005


Wakeup Wednesday

Today has to be officially renamed - Wakeup Wednesday


Because it is a hard day to wake up because bubs was waking up lots last night (including 4.45am this morning. Did you know that the sky is light at that time of the morning?)

Bubs woke up alot last night due to the fact that we had to move her cot into our room (inlaws arrive in 2 sleeps for 3 weeks so the couch in the family room is out of the question) and she was out of routine. It really threw her. In teh mornings it is either Jadeen or Miranda who gets her up and then she is happy but today she woke up in our room and mum had to get her out.

Tonight should be better, I hope!

P.S. 50 First Dates is a hilarious movie. Hubby and I cracked up laughing a lot as we watched it last night.

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