Friday, October 14, 2005



I am in camera withdrawl and it doesn't look like we will get one this week...possibly another week to go before it turns up!
I have seen so many good shots I would like to take.

For example - a spider on an invisible spider web, it's background was the cloudy grey sky.
- Mercedes walking around in her sister's gum boots carrying a pail. She was just so cute that I toyed with the idea of getting out the digital video.
- Erin trying to skate in some toy skates
- the 2 inch water wark on the outside of the house from the rain storm we had last night (and it wasn't even that heavy or for very long!
- the beautiful sunset I know we will have tonight due to the cloud coverage
and lots more!

The reason I don't use the digital video is because I don't know how to download the pics on it. Plus the battery is on charging and it doesn't take good enough photos!
We are waiting on another camera to come because the last one has had it's shutter lens broken (by accident) by Erin. I am tossing up whether or not to try fiddling with it and see if I could some how manage to fix/break it.

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